Our Quality

Our fully automated manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified. We put our products through the most stringent quality control systems, which we proudly back with one of the industries best warranties.

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Forward looking

We are constantly at the forefront of technology. Our Research and Development department is always exploring new ways to improve the reproduction and distribution of sound.

With the always evolving audio industry, we are constantly refining our products. We are consistently developing better software, hardware and manufacturing techniques.


We are able to provide our customers in numerous markets, solutions to the ever changing industry demands.

We listen to our customers. Customer input has been a driving force behind our product development for many years. Our customers are the reason why we are a success today.

Our R&D department and manufacturing are all in house. This gives us the capability to bring new product to market faster. Our customers ideas will be able to be implemented more quickly to fulfill their application needs.

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